Frequently Asked Questions for Performers

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.  We strive to be accommodating and provide a great concert for both the performers and the guests of MBS, so if you have any additional questions or suggestions for us please do not hesitate to let us know.


Q:  What is your suggested donation?

A:  We suggest $20/person.  Although More Barn Studios is a business as well as a concert venue, all of our concerts are considered "house concerts" and so all of the proceeds go to the musicians.

Q:  How many people can attend a concert at MBS?

A:  The studio can seat about 30-35 people.

Q:  Do you host concerts all days of the week and what time do shows usually start?

A:  We're open to hosting any day of the week.  So far we've hosted primarily on Friday and Saturday evening, but we're willing to try a weekday or weekend afternoon if that works better for your schedule.

Q:  What is the typical set length?

A:  If there is a single performer we can accommodate either 2 sets of about 40 minutes each or 1 set of about 70 minutes.  If there are two performers we suggest about 30 minutes for the opening and 1 set of 60-70 minutes for the closing performer.  These are just guidelines so if you have something else in mind let us know.  

Q:  What time is sound check?

A:  We recommend setup/soundcheck 2-3 hours before the performance depending on the complexity of your equipment and if you would like to have the show recorded. 

Q:  Do you have a PA system?

A:  We currently have a single Turbosound IP 2000 and a couple of small stage monitors that can be used if needed. 

Q:  Can the concert be recorded?

A:  Being a recording studio in addition to a performance venue, we have the ability to record the concert if desired.  We have an Apollo 8p interface and a collection of UAD & other plugins, microphones, mic stands, amplifiers, and instruments that are available to be used for the show.  We are primarily setup to record audio, but can also make a camcorder recording.  We hope to add live streaming and better video recording to the studio soon.  We provide the raw audio to the artists after the show and typically mix one or two songs which, with permission, we may use for the More Barn Studios web site or the MBS social media sites. 

Q:  Food & drinks

A:  We provide some bottled water and other soft drinks and may provide a small snack such as chips & dip. 

Q:  Do you provide lodging?

A:  No we do not provide lodging.  However, we do have overnight parking space for a trailer/RV.  Let us know if you would like to park on  our property overnight.   

Thanks for reading and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!