EG Vines & Nick Prestileo perform EG's song "The Victim" live at More Barn on 2/8/2020.

Chris Kudela and Nick Prestileo perform Chris Stapleton's song "Tennessee Whiskey" live at More Barn Studios on 8 February 2020.

The Salesman from EG Vines album "Family Business"

Drew Gibson - "Bettie-Jane" from the Drew's album entitled "1532"

Peregrine Road perform "Passe-pied/Beet Hummus & Yogurt".  Rachel Bell on accordion and Karen Axelrod on Piano.  Peregrine Road performs at MBS on 4/21/2020 - reserve your seat now!

Sofia Talvik - "Take Me Home" from her excellent  album "Paws of a Bear"