Welcome to More Barn Studios!

More Barn Studios is born from a love of all things music and exists to spread the magic and power of music.   Located in the peaceful rural town of Stockton in the western part of central New Jersey, MBS provides access to a range of services within a great sounding, purpose built environment.  The construction of More Barn Studios was completed in August 2018 and we've been busy hosting concerts, music lessons, and rehearsals ever since.  To keep up to date on new concerts and promotions please join our mailing list.

Special Note:  The Drew Gibson concert scheduled for 3/27 has been moved to 7/17.  The May 5th concert with Carling & Will has been canceled and we hope to reschedule at some point. 

EG Vines Rocks MBS!

Thanks to EG, Chris Kudela and

Mr. Nick for a great show on 2/8!!


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About the Name

We always imagined having our own studio and for some reason always conceived it as an old barn that we would finish on the inside so that it would sound great and support everything we wanted to do, while being rustic and comfortable.  This, in combination with being big fans of Neil Young's music, led to the name More Barn Studios.  If you're not familiar with Neil Young's "More Barn!" story, you can learn all about it here:   http://www.openculture.com/2013/10/great-story-how-neil-young-introduced-his-classic-1972-album-harvest-to-graham-nash.html